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TDA, It's Time to Engage

Wisconsin needs to come up with a long-term, sustainable transportation funding plan. But gauging from past experience, it is not likely to happen unless each of us gets committed and involved.

It is up to each of us to let our elected officials know it is time to stop kicking the can down the road. Every contact matters.

It will take just 3 Minutes.

Three minutes to help make Just Fix It and the plight of our aging transportation infrastructure all the buzz in the capitol and in your community.

What you can do:

  • Text JustFixItWI to 52886 or click the link below to sign up for TDA action alerts, if you haven’t already. Once a month, TDA will generate a message for elected officials. In no more than a minute, you can send an email, tweet or Facebook post to let them know transportation is important to you and your community. This month's message is ready to go.  Take action now!
  • Like TDA Wisconsin on Facebook and invite your friends to like us as well.
  • Follow TDA Wisconsin on Twitter.
  • Join the conversation by posting pictures of the roads in your community that you’d like to see receive some TLC or other transportation challenges. And if your community has benefited from transportation investment, share that too. Make sure to include #JustFixItWI.
  • Encourage friends, family and colleagues to also give 3 minutes for transportation.

Eighty-five county highway officials recently signed up and took action in a live event at a Wisconsin County Highway Association conference. We need another 200 engagements this month, and next month...

Visit the Just Fix It page on the TDA website for up-to-minute information on the campaign.

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